Sunday, March 23, 2008

Your favorite easter treat gets a make over!

Spending the afternoon at home by myself today after a long weekend, without baking or cooking I might add. I was itching to get in the kitchen and mess around. My mom had mentioned to me about making some chocolate covered peeps, so I gave it a whirl.

This is so simple to do and makes something simple look sophisticated. I had some white chocolate on hand to add a little pizazz to them. If you had some peanuts, coconut, pecans, etc could easily add those as well.

What you'll need....
1 box of Peeps
1/2 tbs finely chopped gulf wax
1 cup milk chocolate chips
Popsicle sticks

In a double broiler melt your chocolate chips and gulf wax. (The smaller the wax is chopped up the better, it takes it longer to melt than the chocolate.) Dip a steak knife into water, then stick it into the bottom of the peep about half way up the peep, place popsicle stick into the bottom of your peep.

Spoon the melted chocolate over the peep til covered, then allow to dry on wax paper. After they've dried add the toppings of your choice.

and Viola! You've got tasty chocolate covered peeps!!


Anonymous said...

Chocolate covered Peeps? You're my hero.

kp said...

ooh sugar overload!

Rachel said...

That is too adorable.